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About PremiaLab

PremiaLab instantly connects you with the universe of systematic investment products and providers. We empower institutional investors to make the best-informed investment decisions whilst achieving time and cost efficiency.

Our digital marketplace provides data, research and analytics, to help you discover and analyse the market of risk premia and smart beta investments. You can construct portfolios, perform risk analysis, and create consolidated reporting through our multi-provider platform.

Passionate about innovation, we are building the investment platform of the future, combining intelligent technology and modern financial services. Our international team is dedicated to streamlining your investment process with our data & software solutions.

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Founded in:
Hong Kong
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Pierre Trecourt

“We have experienced significant success in developing strong partnerships with many of the leading global investment banks and asset managers. Our new office in Europe is a key milestone in our ambitious growth strategy and will strengthen our presence in the region allowing us to provide more effective support to our global client base. We continue to see very strong demand from institutional investors for our data, risk analytics and the efficient access to systematic investment strategies that our solution provides.”

3908 Two Exchange Square, 8 Connaught Place, Hong Kong, Central Hong Kong, Hong Kong